Alien: Covenant invades US theaters May 19 and fans are ready to face their fears thanks to a series of creative marketing campaigns by 20th Century Fox. Appealing to a wide variety of fans, these campaigns delve deeper into the film’s story, Alien franchise lore and even makes light of the fact that most characters probably won’t survive.

The official Alien social media accounts held a death bracket, allowing audiences to vote on who they think will survive the on-screen ordeal. Unsurprisingly, Daniels (played by Katherine Waterston) and android Walter (Michael Fassbender) were voted most likely not to be turned into an alien incubator.

Daniels is the main character of Alien: Covenant, and Ripley is a hard act to follow . . . err, precede, technically. 20th Century Fox highlights this heroine’s tenacity and will to survive with a special trailer and the sponsored Twitter hashtag, #SheWontGoQuietly.

Speaking of hashtags, Alien: Covenant didn’t stop at one, but several sponsored tags leading up to the film’s premiere, each accompanied by an alien emoji. Tags range from the obvious (#AlienCovenant) to defiant (#SheWontGoQuietly) and of course, horror (#XenoEvil and #RunHidePray).

20th Century Fox celebrated Alien Day (April 26, a nod to planet LV-426 from the original film) with a free Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR 360-degree experience called Alien: Covenant In Utero.

Androids called Synthetics have always played a major role in the Alien universe, for better or for worse. Michael Fassbender returns as David, as well as a new model called Walter—powered by AMD, Ryzen and Radeon technology—a perfect example of product placement that fits seamlessly into a film’s lore. Those who visit can check out all 16 models ranging from therapists to teachers, marines and chefs to romantic companions.

Audi created a space exploration vehicle called the Audi lunar quattro, which received its very own short film. This little rover isn’t just a fancy prop, however, as the manufacturer has designed it for a real mission to the moon.

Reebok created a special two-pack of shoes called the Alien Stomper and is giving away a pair this summer. A stop-motion animated spot sees both shoes duking it out in the style of Ridley vs. the Xenomorph queen in Aliens.

Actor Jussie Smollett (Empire) who plays Ricks in the film took over Entertainment Week’s Snapchat and Good Morning America‘s Periscope channels to discuss the film and answer fan questions.

Snapchat received its very own, animated lens in which users can don a Xenomorph head or be attacked by a face hugger. Facebook hosted a filter of its own, in which users can pose next to an alien.

The Xenomorph has arrived. Discover the exclusive #AlienCovenant Lens on #Snapchat today. In theaters Friday. Link in bio.

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Influence marketing was a successful strategy for the marketing team, partnering with social media creators to celebrate the film’s release and the franchise as a whole. Adam Savage (Myth Busters, Tested) had fun trying on costumes, testing weapons and recreating blood vomit effects while cosplayer Angela Bermúdez recreated Daniel’s look from the film.

Talented photographer and cook Christine McConnel created multiple homages—highly detailed, mostly in edible form and all impressive. Dancakes whipped up some of his specialty branded pancakes and several artists contributed sponsored posts, inspired by Alien: Covenant. Even Adult Swim got in on the fun when Rick and Morty answer a distress call.

Between Alien Day, Mother’s Day and every other day, audiences have been prepped and ready to return to Ridley Scott’s universe of intergalactic terror. From what we’ve seen, they’re in for one heck of a ride.