AMP Energy has launched a brand new Tropical Punch flavored drink at 7-Eleven stores nationwide as part of its marketing partnership with the social video platform Twitch. Although it’s the third time the Twitch brand has appeared on a limited edition can, it’s the first co-branded marketing play to feature the iconic bright purple Twitch hue and the first new flavor to be developed by the two companies.

AMP Energy Tropical Punch“The Twitch community has never seen our brand on this type of consumer packaging or in retail stores in this fashion before,” Anthony Danzi, senior vice president of client strategy at Twitch, told [a]listdaily. “It’s a fun step for us to partner with a cool brand like AMP and to have our own brand-inspired flavor on the market.”

To promote the new drink, AMP Energy made 50 giant-sized replica “Sidekick” AMP Energy drinking devices, which include a straw for hands-free drinking. Sonika Patel, senior manager of marketing at AMP Energy, said these Sidekicks were sent to top Twitch streaming and gaming influencers, including Swiftor, Serious Gaming and NobodyEpic.

“We wanted to celebrate the excitement of the new flavor launch by offering something unique and of value to key gaming influencers and streamers,” Patel said. “We have seen cross-promotions from the influencers who received the Sidekick packages, as well as by our partners at Twitch and 7-Eleven.”

Danzi said Twitch created some quick, fun video advertisements featuring some of the top Twitch hosts, including Anna Prosser, Jordan “Soma” Tayor and Mike Ross. The videos appear throughout the Twitch platform and on the AMP and Twitch microsite,

Danzi said the microsite recently served as the sweepstakes homepage for the TwitchCon 2016 promotion—an idea that came from brainstorming sessions between the two companies. It now showcases the new flavor. He said fans can expect the microsite to change periodically as the partnership evolves.

“It began as a program encouraging fans and Twitch broadcasters to ‘level up’ their gaming experience with AMP Energy drinks and included a sweepstakes element for a chance to win a trip to TwitchCon 2016,” Danzi said. “We gave away co-branded gear and put our logo on the AMP Energy cans, which was the first time our logo was featured on any non-gaming retail product. After such a positive response, we’ve now helped AMP develop a new flavor, Tropical Punch, and covered the limited-edition can in bright Twitch purple.”

AMP Energy was late to the eSports game, following brands such as Red Bull and Rockstar. But Patel said the company has benefited from connecting directly with the Twitch community. It’s also now in the game for the long haul.

“AMP’s partnership with Twitch demonstrates our commitment to gamers who are seeking out better-tasting beverages that deliver on their energy needs,” Patel said. “We felt [that] the Twitch logo and iconic purple color on the AMP can would help build a stronger connection to the gaming community.”

TwitchCon 2016, which kicks off September 30 in San Diego, provides another opportunity for AMP Energy and Twitch to work together. That convention is a celebration of gaming featuring the top streamers and the biggest games of the year.