The livestreaming service Twitch has found a number of effective promotional partners over the last few years, including Coca-Cola, Old Spice and others. But its latest deal with AMP Energy will take its promoting to a whole new space: onto store shelves.

The two have partnered up for a new program which encourages fans to “level up” their gaming experience with a sweepstakes that will involve both consumers and broadcasters, the introduction of limited edition gear, and (for the first time ever) having the Twitch logo appear on a non-gaming retail product, cans of AMP Energy.

The promotion kicks off this week and runs through September 5. During that time, fans can purchase Twitch-branded AMP cans in both original and cherry flavors. In addition, they can also enter into a sweepstakes for a chance to win exclusive gear, including wearable items, Alienware gaming rigs and a chance to attend TwitchCon 2016, taking place in San Diego, CA this September.


To enter, fans are encouraged to use social media to show their love of AMP, with pictures on Facebook or Instagram, where a winner will be chosen from the many submissions that are expected.

Broadcasters will also be getting in on the fun, as a separate deal will run for them from now through August 6, where they can win a homepage carousel placement takeover, hoodies and cash by using the hashtag #AMPSweepstakes during certain times of their sessions.

“Through this partnership with Twitch, we are excited to bring together two brands that have a deep sense of camaraderie and energy,” said Greg Lyons, senior vice president for marketing at AMP Energy. “AMP brings flavor to the energy category so that fans can enjoy the great taste of their energy drinks while they fuel up. Similarly, AMP wants to provide gamers a heightened level of enjoyment by teaming up with Twitch to provide unique experiences and help energize gamers for the challenges they face both in and out of the virtual world.”


“The Twitch community has never seen our brand on this type of consumer packaging or in retail stores in this fashion before,” said Anthony Danzi, senior vice president of client strategy for Twitch. “It’s a fun step for us to partner with a cool brand like AMP and we look forward to our fans taking part in the sweepstakes and hopefully winning some exclusive swag!”