Earlier this month, we reported that Old Spice was teaming up with Twitch  for a promotion where chatters could take control of a man’s actions in the woods for three days, with a number of wacky events that tied in with the fun. As a result, the promotion was a big success, leaving both parties smelling like a rose.

The “Old Spice Nature Adventure,” which took place this past week, managed to gain 2.65 million total views, with 1.4 million chatters taking part to see what happened next for the Nature Man, the subject in question. The top commenter managed to throw out 1,900 different comments during the session alone.

In addition, 57 percent of those total views came from uniques, with 702,920 total for the three days, and around 88,000 uniques per hour. That obviously helped generate new numbers for Twitch, already building on its impressive 100 million monthly viewers.

Over the course of the three day event, approximately 29 years of footage was watched between all the viewers, and the exclusive Old Spice chat emotes – little characters that were introduced for use in the chatroom – were used over 105,000 times.

As a result of the high viewership, the “Old Spice Nature Adventure” had no trouble keeping an organic spot on the front page of Twitch, and also got attention on Reddit through nine different consumer-submitted posts, including a request for an AMA directly with Old Spice.

With the success of this promotion – as well as other live-streaming tie-ins {link no longer active} that Twitch has done in the past with partners – it’s likely more companies could get on board in the future with the streaming service. To see just what kind of shenanigans went down during the three days “Old Spice Nature Adventure,” check out the video below.

Nature Man, you sweet smelling beast, you.