Beverage brands like Red Bull, Pepsi and Coca Cola have been bringing out the big guns when it comes to empowering the burgeoning eSports industry through its integrated marketing campaigns. Bud Light became the latest brand to brew similar sponsorship plans by announcing its All-Stars program at E3.

“Bud Light stands for sports no matter what field it’s played on … When we came into the [eSports] space, I think the biggest thing for us was looking at the fans,” Jesse Wofford, Bud Light’s digital brand manager, told [a]listdaily. “We’ve been in sports marketing for 25 years. We really understand that. The cool thing for eSports for us is that the fandom there is so passionate. It’s really cool that when you go to an event, it just clicks. They love the players. They love the sport. So for us, it was easy to understand that kind of passion.”

The beer brand opted not to back a single team or league, and instead, let fans vote for five of their favorite players through Twitter on specific game titles like Halo, Street Fighter, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm under the Bud Light banner.

“We want to showcase these guys as celebrities and ambassadors of eSports, and elevate them to make sure they get the recognition they deserve as true athletes,” Wofford said. “We’re always going to look for ways for fans to connect with these guys better. … We have some surprises coming up.”

The beer brand first announced its eSports plans in April, then released its list of All-Star nominees in DreamHack Austin in May. Now, the All-Stars will hit the Bud Light Twitch channel over the course of this summer and be involved with custom content activations before heading to the TwitchCon main stage in September to compete in a three-round elimination tournament.

For more on Bud Light’s involvement with eSports, check out the interview with Wofford above.

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