With all sorts of companies getting into eSports these days, including ESPN, TBS and Yahoo, its mainstream appeal is becoming increasingly evident as it continues to draw in millions of viewers. Now one of the biggest brewing companies in the country wants to get in on the action.

Bud Light has announced (via USA Today) that it’s heading into eSports, and will announce a list of competitors for various games at the forthcoming DreamHack event in Austin, which takes place from May 6-8.

During the event, and running through to June 4, fans can vote for their favorite gamers, and the top five will be named as the Bud Light All-Stars at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). From there, the team will be featured in both a behind-the-scenes eSports series for Machinima and online game match-ups through Twitch.

The big face-off for the All-Stars will come at TwitchCon later this year, where they will take part in a three-round elimination tournament. For those who can’t attend the event, the competition will likely be streamed online.

“This is such an exciting area for us,” said Jesse Wofford, Bud Light’s digital sports marketing manager. “The growth in (eSports) is huge and this is really the right time for us to get in. We have identified it as a great space because, similar to how we identify in the NFL with fans, eSports fans have that same passion.”

Considering how more than 134 million gamers watch eSports on a regular basis, with a market value near $750 million, this move shouldn’t be a shock. But it does introduce yet another big non-gaming brand into the picture, and others could easily follow suit as a result.