BuzzFeed with its 150 million monthly unique visitors and its millions of dollars in revenues from mostly mobile traffic has captured the attention of investors, advertisers and the entire media industry lately.

We are now really excited to announce that we have Terry City, Buzzfeed’s VP, West Coast keynoting out next [a]list summit focused on Mobile Marketing at the W Hollywood Hotel on December 3!

In case you missed the memo, Buzzfeed is doing some pretty innovative things right here in the heart of Hollywood.

Coming off their recent $50 million investment from premier Silicon Valley VC Fund Andreessen Horowitz, Terry will tell us specifically about the company’s plans for it’s Los Angeles and Bay Area operations as it relates to moving the needle for its marketing and advertising partners.

The company has made a series of interesting key hires here in Los Angeles including online video visionary Ze Frank and Pulp Fiction Producer Michael Shamberg.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a Hollywood R&D model like we have here,” said Shamberg in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, who has been spending about two days a week at BuzzFeed’s 100-plus-person Hollywood campus.

What Shamberg is referring to is Buzzfeed’s obsession with data and thus is takes the internet and computer science seriously when looking at what content users are clicking on and sharing online on mobile devices mostly, information advertisers certainly can relate to.

However, what BuzzFeed is truly doing differently than many online media companies is working with editorial as well as sponsored content side-by-side as lines are blurring the line between news and advertising.

The company’s focus on mobile-friendly “native advertising” created in-house is something that now also traditional media companies like The New York Times and Washington Post are getting into.

“What we’re all about, the special sauce, is the intersection of technology and editorial,” said Greg Coleman, BuzzFeed president in a presentation at Advertising Week in New York yesterday. “How can we create content, and in our case in advertising, that people want to share As a point of differentiation, that’s where we are.”

Silicon Valley VC Fund Andreessen Horowitz has proclaimed that they believe Buzzfeed will emerge as a preeminent media company in a mobile age. Those kind of statements from some of the world’s smartest investors makes one pretty curious to find out more what Buzzfeed has in store, don’t they