On today’s episode of Listen In, Matt Bretz chats with Max Orenstein, director of creative for the office of Governor Cuomo and the State of New York.

Max explores how journalism led him to serving as director of creative for the Governor as well as his four years at the Clinton Foundation. Max describes his team composition and the elements at play when creating content for an elected official, from how content is sourced to how it’s created and delivered to a national audience.

Max’s past projects include the #MaskUpAmerica campaign as well as national policy and advocacy initiatives “to share the facts,” especially around coronavirus in the past 7 months. “The most important thing we can do is help people understand how government makes a difference in their lives.” 

Brands should take note of the parallels between the world of advertising and that of creating content for elected officials, specifically changing audience behavior. “We got a lot of people to change the way they behave in the world, and very quickly,” notes Max.

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