Tim Parr, Founder and CEO of Caddis Eye Appliances is fighting the good fight. With culture obsessed with the fountain of youth and marketers seemingly focused only on Gen Z and Gen Alpha, an attitude of “anti-anti-aging” can be downright revolutionary. 

Tim puts it like this: trying to cling to youth is “inauthentic.” And in terms of marketing, authenticity is key. “Authenticity and clarity of mission and transparency… those things are not going away. And thank God.” 

Tim explains how a trip to the optometrist gave him the “vision” of Caddis, why he rebranded his eyewear as ‘eye appliances,’ and explores often overlooked insights into aging purchasers and what the future of the demographic holds for marketers, including the ability to be disrupted. “The fictional construct of age [in America] needs a deconstruct.”

We conclude the conversation by examining a number of misconceptions about ‘the silver economy’ and how to reach this demo.

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