This week, a classic adventure returns and a beloved franchise gets immortalized by its fans.

Full Throttle Remastered

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions continues its revitalization of LucasArts classic games through Full Throttle Remastered. Twenty-two years after its original release, the game features all new hand-drawn and 3D high-resolution artwork with 4K support and remastered audio and music. As with previous remastered games from the studio, players can switch back and forth between classic and remastered modes, view concept art and listen to a commentary track with the game’s original creators.

A special behind-the-scenes look was given to IGN in December to illustrate (literally) how this classic adventure came to life. Tim Schafer later joined IGN and PC Gamer to To show off the first 30 minutes of gameplay to old school fans and newcomers alike.

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Released in Japan last year, Square Enix’ hack-n-slash RPG has finally been released for PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch worldwide. To gear up for the momentous occasion, the publisher’s social media team kept fans engaged through social media in new and creative ways.

Reddit conducted an experiment called “Place,” in which users were allowed to place one pixel of color onto a canvas every five minutes. Users had just 72 hours to create images or messages individually or as a group and the undertaking resulted in a social experiment of conflict resolution, treaties, debates and more. Among the images were memorials, flags, logos and characters from pop culture. Square Enix worked with fans to get its Dragon Quest slime mascot into the piece and was successful—a testament to the dedication of its followers.

For World Poetry Day on March 21, the Twitter account invited its followers to submit Dragon Quest-themed poetry, and they did not disappoint.

Of course, video game promotion wouldn’t be the same without trailers and livestreams, of which Square Enix provided many to highlight characters and gameplay.