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Brand Insider: Skullcandy’s ‘Content-to-Commerce’ Model Was Ready For A Crisis

Media Post

Skullcandy chief marketing officer Jessica Klodnicki says that for the last two and a half years, the company was fine-tuning a program that connects the dots between the brand and commerce investments with more traditional product marketing and product launches, leaving Skullcandy well positioned to support the environment of people shopping online.

Why it matters: Skullcandy tailored its long-planned “Mood Boost” campaign slightly to fit COVID messaging and after the first month of launching, in April, saw 76 million impressions, 10 million video views and 162,000 engagements.

How A Data-Driven Marketing Approach Enables Effective And Efficient Media Strategies


In eMarketer’s Tech-Talk Webinar, Datorama global VP of product marketing and head of evangelism Nathan Barling and Ayzenberg’s Chris Strawser, VP of product and technology and Piotr Urbanksi, associate director of marketing science, discuss the need for a system of record that enables marketers to measure performance and to act quickly.

Why it matters: With the increasing importance of digital channels amid the pandemic, prior effective strategies may no longer be enough.

Adobe Study Suggests Consumers Have Grown Tired Of ‘We’re With You’ Ads

Ad Age

A new Adobe survey of more than 1,000 people found that brand marketers are almost 20 percent more likely to believe that consumers want ads showcasing how they’re engaging with communities in COVID than everyday consumers. 

Why it matters: Brands should consider focusing on everyday essentials and things that offer a much-needed reprieve from the pandemic.

Funding For Beauty, Personal Care Startups Drops


According to a new report from CB Insights, in Q1 2020, private market funding for young companies in the beauty and personal care space declined by over 50 percent compared to Q4. 

Why it matters: During the lockdown, verticals like fitness technology and the food and beverage industry have seen a burst in investor interest.

Skittles Goes Rainbow-Less For LGBTQ Pride Month


Skittles partnered with GLAAD to create colorless versions of its candies, retaining their original flavors and available for purchase in the US for the first time. One dollar from each pack will go to GLAAD.

Why it matters: The move to strip its rainbow coating is an inventive twist timed for Pride month when all large celebrations this year are canceled.

When Times Get Tough, Your Marketing Needs To Get Agile

The Drum

During COVID, marketers should take advantage of decreased levels of competition and lower ad costs by rolling out a micro-campaign to test hypotheses and collaborating with existing partners. Thereafter they should assemble and share data in real-time to inform future collaborative decisions.

Why it matters: In times of economic uncertainty, marketers are shifting from deliberate strategies to emergent ones.

Apple Buys Virtual Reality Content Startup NextVR

Mobile Marketer

Apple bought virtual reality (VR) startup NextVR, a deal reportedly worth $100 million. NextVR works with sports leagues and media outlets to offer programming that people watch while wearing a VR headset.

Why it matters: Acquiring NextVR is part of Apple’s plan to make advertising and user experiences more interactive.

Inside Sony Music’s Strategy To Amplify Songs Trending On TikTok Like ‘Break My Stride’

Business Insider

Matthew Wilder’s 1983 song “Break My Stride” recently became a popular video challenge on TikTok, which has recently become a major driver of music industry trends. When Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings, which manages the song, notices one of its songs trending on social media, it drops a note to the artist and works with them to create new video assets to help users track down the song. Legacy Recordings will also sometimes change a song’s name or track description so that it references the new context.  

Why it matters: Legacy Recordings has found that proactive campaigns are “far less effective” than user-generated challenges that make a song go viral.

Instagram Debuts Guides Feature With Initial Focus On Wellness, Mental Health


Instagram rolled out a new “Guides” feature that enables users to find recommendations, tips and other content from influencers, public figures, publishers and organizations. The feature will debut with a focus on wellness and mental health-related content, in partnership with organizations dedicated to wellness causes and publishers such as BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Shape and Parents Latina. Users can access the content by tapping the middle icon to view “Guides” on the profiles of participating organizations.

Why it matters: As social media usage surges amid the pandemic, Instagram and Facebook have overtaken traditional mediums for news consumption among millennials and Gen Z.

Opinion: What Happens When Live Sports Takes A Timeout?


The no-live sports brand playbook will require brands to engage with customers in a new way using social and/or connected television solutions, and build on the continuity of their brand. Core messages shouldn’t change, just the approach.

Why it matters: Live sports events are canceled but many brands have quickly adapted, reformatting in-person activations to digital and social channels.