A look at the marketing and advertising insights we’re sharing internally for the week of May 24th, 2021.

Programmatic Under A Lens, With ANA CEO Bob Liodice


In an effort to make the programmatic supply chain more transparent, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has commissioned a new study to identify where brands are wasting their money and make suggestions on efficiency in the market.

Why it matters: In its definition of programmatic, ANA’s study will include major walled gardens, which need more accountability when it comes to brand safety according to ANA chief executive officer Bob Liodice. The study’s goal, he notes, is to both serve large ad buyers such as Dunkin Brands and Diageo, but also the countless less-resourced advertisers in its member base.

Here’s How Brand And Performance Marketing Intersect


Logically, performance marketing makes sense, as meeting goals and metrics are critical for proving ROI and fighting for larger marketing budgets. But it’s brand awareness that’ll keep consumers coming back again and again, as a recent Financial Times survey suggests. According to their findings, 83 percent of business leaders believe that brands consistently contribute to a company’s bottom line.

Why it matters: According to Ryan Stoner, principal and head of strategy at Dendro, utilizing a traditional mix of long-term branding and short-term performance includes creating a brand blueprint with these six key elements: purpose, values, character, behavior, experience and principles.

3 Strategies To Reduce Bias In Leadership Assessments

Harvard Business Review

Survey-style questionnaires are a common tool to measure leadership potential and inform decisions about bonuses and promotions, yet survey data still reflects common biases. These surveys measure perceived leader effectiveness rather than actual leadership behaviors. 

Why it matters: Three ways to reduce bias in surveys are to have people rate an ideal leader before rating their actual leader; requiring raters to give specific, qualitative examples for each rated behavior; and adding dialogue boxes and warnings before and after the evaluation.

Staff Livestreams Will Usher In The Era Of The Anti-Influencer

Retail Week

Richard Willis, Aptos regional vice president, solution consulting EMEA and APAC argues that store associate-led livestreams will lead the next wave of influencer marketing video strategies because associates possess authenticity, “one thing influencers will never have.”

Why it matters: Companies like Italian fashion retailer Motivi and Molbak’s Garden + Home center in Woodinville, Washington, Willis notes, produce regular livestreams featuring store associates who are personable and knowledgeable. These associates could be the new influencers as they become trusted shopping partners and build meaningful connections with consumers via live shoppable videos and integrated chat.

5 Ways To Drive Brand Loyalty And Customer Lifetime Value

Advertising Age

For brands to maximize their ‘Discovery Commerce’ opportunity—a term Facebook has dubbed that describes the serendipitous experience of a product finding you instead of you searching for a product—Aubrie Richey, vice president of media for TechStyle Fashion Group, suggests testing different creative, running ads from influencers’ own handles and optimizing for lifetime value.

Why it matters: In a recent Facebook-commissioned survey, 84 percent of shoppers said that they discover new brands and products online.