We’re rounding up the most insightful marketing articles in circulation this week.

Reddit Wants To Up The Vote In First Brand Activation


Up The Vote, Reddit’s first major ad campaign running in four markets via on-site digital and out-of-home points out that the number of upvotes some Reddit posts receive would be sufficient to sway an election as Reddit users vote approximately 165 million times daily.

Why it matters: One billboard shows an image of a banana with 146,000 upvotes next to the words, “If Reddit votes counted in real life, this banana could’ve been elected to Congress in 2018.”

Becoming A More Patient Leader

Harvard Business Review

A survey of 578 full-time US working professionals from various industries during COVID-19 found that when leaders demonstrated patience, their reports’ self-reported creativity and collaboration increased by an average of 16 percent and their productivity by 13 percent.

Why it matters: Helpful strategies for leaders looking to boost their patience include defining what delivering value means from the start and practicing gratitude.

Hot Off The Press: Covid-19 Market Trends

The Drum

Founder and chief executive of Print-print.co.uk Dean Williams found that 40 percent of the print jobs he’s doing for brands include a QR code whereas pre-pandemic, just 3 in every 500 did.

Why it matters: Williams has also seen a surge in printed floor stickers and transparent, pull-up banner stands for use as dividers in businesses like restaurants and hair salons.

GSK’s Brian McNamara On The Business Impact Of COVID-19

McKinsey & Company

CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Brian McNamara says shortly after stay-at-home orders took effect, GSK transitioned its 25,000 employees to a home-based work model, affording McNamara greater efficiency, in addition to a stronger connection between the company’s leadership team.

Why it matters: McNamara says because over-the-counter online purchases have surged since COVID-19, GSK anticipates an acceleration in e-commerce.

75% Of People Unlikely To Use Branded Hashtags, Survey Finds

Marketing Dive

Seventy-five percent of people are unlikely to use a branded hashtag from a company in a post and 73 percent say they’re unlikely to create branded videos, Visual Objects’ consumer survey found.

Why it matters: Prompting consumers to create user-generated content is a cost-effective way to maintain a social presence in COVID-19 as 26 percent of respondents say they were likely to review a business on a third-party website.

No More Third Party Cookies—Good Or Bad News?


Doing away with third-party cookies doesn’t necessarily increase consumer privacy and may not impact marketers’ business outcomes.

Why it matters: Given third-party cookies and the ad tech tracking that came along with them weren’t driving additional business outcomes anyway, the disappearance of cookies will wipe out the ad tech companies whose entire business models rely on them, while consumer privacy will be enhanced.

Unilever, Target Partner For Voice-Powered Ads On Peacock

Marketing Dive

Viewers of NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service who say the phrase “Save with Suave” get a $5 coupon for Unilever hair brands sold at Target.

Why it matters: Voice-powered ads eliminate an extra step for consumers, enabling an immediate response.

Customer Journeys Are Becoming Increasingly Complex


The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of consumer journeys from linear to zigzag.

Why it matters: Aligning with this new complex customer journey requires an artificial intelligence-powered omnichannel experience and the use of quality data to personalize customer experiences.

Uber Eats Unveils First Ad Format With Sponsored Restaurant Listings

Mobile Marketer

Uber Eats’ first in-app advertising format uses a cost-per-click (CPC) pricing model that lets restaurants only pay when an app user clicks on the sponsored listing, which appears at the top of the home feed. In addition, the company’s self-service ad platform lets businesses target ads based on location and consumer preferences.

Why it matters: Uber Eats is giving out $25 million in marketing credits to small- and medium-size restaurants as indoor dining remains impacted by COVID-19.

A Moment Of Awakening: Has Sport Finally Found A Higher Purpose Beyond Entertainment?


Professional athletes across the US are protesting the injustices of police brutality following the police shooting of a black man named Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, causing NBA, WNBA, Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball games to be postponed or canceled.

Why it matters: Chief executive and founder of 17 Sports Neill Duffy tells Forbes that the teams and leagues who embrace the change will thrive over the coming decade while the ones that don’t will be relegated to “have been” status.