Purpose & Sustainability Needs To Include Usefulness: ANA CEO Weighs In On Brand Trends


Through conversations with its CMO friends during COVID-19, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) found that consumers are interested in authentic relationships and tangible actions that move conversations around racial and social injustices forward.

Why it matters: ANA’s research indicates that companies have seen improvements in gender equity, but not as much in diversity, as only about 12 percent of the CMO community is from a multicultural background.

Mondelez CMO Defends Calling Marketing Strategy ‘Humaning’


Despite receiving backlash from experts and on social media, Mondelez International CEO Martin Renaud is backing the company’s decision to call its new marketing tactic “humaning,” defined as “a unique, consumer-centric approach to marketing that creates real, human connections with purpose, moving Mondelez International beyond cautious data-driven tactics and uncovering what unites us all.”

Why it matters: A recent survey Mondelez conducted found that snacking helps consumers connect with each other. Now, the company’s marketing focuses will be leading with purpose, making each product “right,” mastering creativity and being digital-first.

Pandora’s Open Beta For Audibility Is About Helping Advertisers Get More Comfortable Spending On Audio


Pandora is moving into the next phase of its beta testing of the Media Rating Council’s audibility standard with advertisers across 50 campaigns to understand the effectiveness and optimal duration to drive favorability of audio ads. Partnering with Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat on the tests, Pandora’s plan is to be able to support the MRC’s audibility standard by 2021.

Why it matters: In its 2018 research, Pandora discovered that simply saying a brand’s name over the course of two seconds is enough to generate basic recall.

Paid Active Influencers And Sponsored Content On TikTok Surge


The latest report from Traackr found that from the first half of 2019 to the second half of 2020, the number of paid active influencers on TikTok increased by 368 percent, sponsored posts increased by 95 percent and engagements with those posts increased by 298 percent.

Why it matters: Traackr observed a noticeable decline in the overall amount of sponsored content on other social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

How Promotional Games Can Drive Business Beyond 2020

Ad Age

A recent study conducted by The Marketing Store found that consumers have embraced gaming as an essential part of their new normal, with more than 88 percent playing games during the pandemic and 46 percent playing everyday.

Why it matters: Given that gamers are playing to relax and/or to connect with friends and family, brands must shift marketing away from being purely transactional to inducing emotional engagement. To successfully utilize promotional gaming, brands should ensure their game is easy to start, offer tier rewards to drive participation and rewards, include low value/high quantity prizing, partner with complementary brands and enable technology to ensure user accessibility.