Struggling to Solve a Problem? Try Reframing It

Harvard Business Review

Daniel Markovitz, president of Markovitz Consulting, says that to generate effective solutions to problems, you should try rewriting the statement by either changing the subject or how you’re measuring the problem.

Why it matters: As per Markovitz: “A small change in subject or measurement can lead you to an entirely different set of countermeasures…and a big change in your perspective.”

Clorox’s Jackson Jeyanayagam On Why Retail Is Not Dead + DTC Isn’t Just For Startups Anymore


According to Jackson Jeyanayagam, vice president, general manager, direct-to-consumer at Clorox, big brands are suited to succeed in the DTC space as much as digitally native brands, because many DTC startups aren’t creating value for the consumer, nor being unique in a commoditized category—they just have a cool-looking font and a funny tag line.

Why it matters: Many people falsely assume that direct-to-consumer is a model only suited for startups when the reality is that DTC is not a brand nor a strategy, but rather another distribution channel.

Rethink Capabilities To Emerge Stronger From COVID-19

McKinsey & Company

Over half (53 percent) of leaders rank reskilling as the most useful way to close capability gaps, which 80 percent consider as very or extremely important to their organizations’ long-term growth.

Why it matters: One-third of company leaders report an increase in spending on capability-building efforts since the pandemic began.

42 Percent Of Marketers Say Influencers Provide The Best ROI Compared To Paid Media Ads


According to a survey conducted by Social Publi, 42 of marketing professionals say that influencer marketing provides better ROI compared to paid media ads, search engine optimization and email marketing—up seven percent since last year.

Why it matters: Fifty-five percent of respondents plan on increasing their influencer marketing investment for the remainder of the year and 26 percent plan on maintaining it.

CPG Marketers Roll The Dice On New Experiments Amid Data Upheaval

Marketing Dive

As the deprecation of third-party cookies approaches, consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands may face greater challenges to gathering first-party data because retail partners and platforms own the point of sale where consumers share that information.

Why it matters: To adapt, CPG marketers should look inward and realign operations for a future that will require more digital agility and experimentation in areas such as ecommerce, direct-to-consumer dealmaking and content marketing.