In her first major beauty deal, actress and model Gal Gadot has joined Revlon as the official spokesperson for Live Boldly, a new beauty campaign that focuses on personal strength over appearance.

Wonder Woman is more concerned with doing the right thing than what shade of lipstick to wear. But despite a swell of feminist movements in Hollywood, Gadot does not seem concerned that a makeup endorsement may be perceived as shallow or off-brand.

“Anything that makes you feel more confident, more beautiful and better about yourself has to do with [feminism],” Gadot told WWD. “There’s a big misinterpretation about the way that people view the term of feminism. I have friends—girlfriends—who have careers and they’re mothers and they do it all, and they are afraid to say that they’re a feminist.”

Gadot’s Wonder Woman seems to reflect the actress’s beliefs: alter ego Diana Prince always has her hair, makeup and clothing on point—as does Gadot in public appearances. Galdot has gained a reputation for pairing style with comfort and affordability, often wearing flat shoes to formal events. She hinted at her new ambassadorship role during the Golden Globe Awards, revealing that she was wearing around $6 of Revlon makeup.

In a behind-the-scenes video announcing the partnership, Gadot explained that she feels nostalgia toward the Revlon brand since both her mother and grandmother used its beauty products.

Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign, which launches later this month, will include a series of experiential activations and cultural immersions. Revlon says it hopes to bring women together around powerful conversations, shared experiences and a celebration of diverse beauty.

Gadot’s fans have shown an outpouring of support for the Revlon partnership so far, and the brand views her ambassadorship as “emblematic of the beauty, determination and attitude that reflects what it is for women to live boldly in today’s world,” according to a statement from Revlon president and CEO Fabian Garcia.

Gadot is actively marketing for campaigns beyond the beauty industry as well—she has been named chief experience officer for Huawei smartphones. The “New Era of Connectivity” campaign will kick off sometime this year with Gadot, a longtime user of the brand, front and center. As Huawei attempts to gain household recognition in the US, she will be “play[ing] an active role in listening to and providing ongoing ideas to inform how Huawei will bring the best experiences to its consumers,” according to the brand.