If you’re still in the camp that believes virtual goods microtransactions aren’t an effective way to market, Kotaku recently interviewed a designer behind some of the new digital threads available for Xbox 360.

It’s self-expression that Connell hopes his work can further enable for Xbox gamers. “Once you see enough avatars, they kind of start to feel the same,” he said, recalling the initial wave of Xbox Avatar fashion that has been available for the past nine months, while he’s been designing the new lines. “The generic collection that we have out there currently doesn’t really offer any individuality. Certainly it’s a basics collection. but it’s generic in the worst sense.”

Today launches Connell’s wearable antidote. In the new Avatar store on online-connected 360s, buried behind banners advertising BioShock and Halo fashions for Avatars and tucked behind new pages that sell Adidas and Quiksilver Avatar clothes, are the first of Connell’s brand-free lines: Steampunk and the Depression-inspired Recessionista.

Quick movers can take advantage of the new ability to market wares and clothes to Xbox Live members, and if you re not doing it because you don t think there s a reason, Connell brings up a pretty good point.

We just think, if there’s a market for your games, there s a market for some $1 hats or free shirts with your game’s logo emblazoned on them.