Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.

The North Face x Gucci

Tapping talent. Gucci and North Face add a TikTok trainspotting enthusiast for a freshly dropped fashion partnership. 21-year-old, Francis Bourgeois, rose to fame during lockdown after sharing videos of himself enjoying trains and trainspotting around the UK. Celebrities, brands, fans, and the like kept tabs on the ferroequinologist and his adventures. Ultimately, the trainspotter made his fashion debut for the two brands’ second collaboration. While curating partnerships or campaigns, brands should be proactive but cognizant of brand tenants, ensuring that all involved are aligned.


Kidfluencers, or kid influencers, are the terms used to describe the next generation of online personalities. The demographic is getting younger, raising concerns about the protection and long-term psychological ramifications. In addition, the ecosystem shifts as young users turn to mobile screens to stay up-to-date with ‘kid-driven’ content. Although the topic has been labeled as “something too early to be examined fully,’ understanding that kidfluencers are kids should be top-of-mind as the future and safety of children are paramount.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Market

The Non-Alcoholic Drinks market is expected to grow annually by 5.5 percent, with the most revenue generated in the United States. Brands are tapping into this booming market with seemingly similar minimalist branding. The branding aligns with consumer trends such as nostalgia, asymmetry, and even anti-ads. Meeting consumers where they are with differentiators in saturated markets comes with trial and error, but it remains necessary for brands to cut through the noise.


What dreams are made of. Twitter is lauded for the rollout of its Out-of-Home campaign featuring celebrities taking to the app to manifest their dreams. From Toronto, Chicago, Houston, and more, many of the billboards popped up in respective hometowns of some of the celebrities. The Out-of-Home vertical is something not to be dismissed, as its advertising revenue increased by 38 percent in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the previous year. It is forecasted to be the second-fastest ad channel in 2021. The Piccadilly Circus Digital Billboard also shows that the digital ad format is another notable space to watch.


Breaking a sweat. Peloton, the American exercise and media company is tackling the future of its bikes, treadmills, and other offerings. The shift comes as the world reemerges and uncertainties continue. The brand, which carved out a lane for itself, has a cult following, and even crowd favorite instructors, is finding itself in a new spot. The current situation reinforces that even with solid strategies and tactics, being flexible and catering to the right audiences can reshape the brand’s trajectory.