In this episode, Drew and I discuss Fiat Growth, Fiat Ventures, and why it makes sense for them to go together. They also talk about the challenges of raising venture capital and the success companies can find by organically leveraging affiliate partnerships to add value for the user while driving revenue to the business. Drew explains total addressable markets, how he thinks about shifting an existing committed user base into a marketplace, and the reasons he sees fintech as the industry that will have the largest impact on generational wealth. Drew emphasizes the importance of taking risks, valuing different experiences, and learning that solutions and problems are not one-to-one. Finally, he notes that podcasts are becoming a force in marketing and that AI is not a competitor but a source of power.

Drew Glover is a founding partner of Fiat Growth and a general partner at Fiat Ventures. He has experience leading go-to-market strategies, marketplace development, user acquisition, and growth teams. Drew further developed his skills at Steady, Namely, Fjord, and Portal A, and has helped companies like Root, JP Morgan Chase, Adidas, and Nike bring award-winning services and partnerships to market. Drew has a very diverse work history, and when he was younger, he was concerned that jumping from industry to industry would be a downfall, but it gave him a wide range of skills and knowledge he would need to find and succeed with Fiat. Those broad interests are still with him, and he tells us his biggest competition is a lack of focus.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Fiat Growth leverages unique insights and exclusive access to make winning investments with Fiat Ventures
  • The trends Drew sees in fintech and his predictions for the industry
  • How data can simplify The Client’s Happy Path

 Key Highlights

  • [01:30] Fresh perspectives from fatherhood
  • [03:15] Drew’s path to founding Fiat
  • [06:00] Leaving the day job and leaning in: What Fiat does and why
  • [08:00] Fiat only works with winners. Let’s invest in them too.
  • [10:00] Raising money is never as easy as you expect
  • [12:45] Leveraging partnerships and marketplaces
  • [14:45] Generating additional revenue streams from affiliate partnerships.
  • [18:00] What fintech can do for people who need it most
  • [19:40] How money and finance will be different for GenZ
  • [22:10] Data’s impact on simplifying The Client’s Happy Path
  • [24:00] “Change is inspired by incentives.”
  • [25:30] Predictions and trends Drew sees coming in fintech
  • [28:20] Looking at the world as a growth marketer and as an investor
  • [29:30] When should I focus on marketing, and how should I think about it
  • [33:30] It takes a village
  • [35:30] How his father’s passing changed Drew’s life
  • [36:50] Value different experiences and take the risk
  • [38:30] Solutions and problems are not one to one
  • [40:20] Podcasts are becoming a force in marketing
  • [42:10] AI is not competition; it’s a source of power

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