Do we need any more proof that YouTubers can garner the same kind of die hard fanbases that we usually associate with film and rock stars If you did, the footage [ION] caught at VidCon this year will be your very definitive answer. Mobs of teenagers swarmed on VidCon to support their favorite YouTubersin what amounted to absolute madness.

“VidCon’s exploding,” said T.J. Marchetti, CMO of Awesomeness TV. “There’s no question about it. Year-over-year. I think next year it will double again or something like that. It’s been a pretty incredible experience here to see our brand– and all of them, frankly– to see them growing up and maturing to the point of having something like this.”

Fullscreen’s VP of Talent Operations, Phil Ranta, also noted VidCon’s exponential growth and what it means for the industry:

“I say this every single year because VidCon keeps tripling in size, year-over-year, but it does feel like a tipping point. Last year there were maybe 50 booths out here, there was one room in this convention center and it was about half as crowded as this room is now. Now it’s 2 rooms, it’s full, it’s more than tripled in size. The amount of fandom is insane.”