Ayzenberg Junior Strategist Ashley Otah recounts this week’s trends.

Close Friends

Come closer. Much like BeRealfinstas, and throwaway accounts, the new Twitter feature allows users to connect with a select group of people of their choosing. Tired of perfectly curated and cluttered feeds, social users look to dive deeper with the people they connect with the most. The reaction differs from previous years when individuals desired a clean-cut and aspirational outpouring of content. Now, brands must lean away from the tailored ad-like posts and shift to a more inclusive, insightful, and human-centered model. Although touted as buzzwords, the attributes are what society is heavily leaning into. 

Tiny Bee Effect 

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The trending TikTok effect created by Eddy Adams has over 300,000,000 views. Paired with the “and the best part of this plan is, no one can stop me.” sound makes it an interactive, easy, and fun way for people to connect in a relatable manner. The effect is a perfect example of how brands can utilize augmented reality to connect with new demographics.  

Spotify x Roblox 

Sound the alarm. Spotify enters the world of Roblox with “Spotify Island,” making it the first music streaming brand to do so. The virtual universe will now allow artists, friends, and fans to interact like never before. The introduction underscores a much larger shift as users demand immersive, interactive, and interconnected experiences after continually navigating a pandemic. Making new playing grounds that are intuitive yet new will continue to rise, and brands must find and expand their niche accordingly.

Bad Bunny x Marvel 

Marvel madness. Marvel will have a Latino hero in the upcoming ‘El Muerto’ film for the first time ever. Slated to hit theatres in January 2024, the hero will be Latin music icon and artist Bad Bunny. The continual convergence between fashion, film, music, and technology is an avenue to be explored in the era of cultural globalization. Regardless of industry, powerful players can bring big ideas to life and widen audiences like never before. 


Let’s get physical. Facebook-owner Meta gives an early look at what its store set to open on May 9th will look like. While focused on the Metaverse, brands are losing sight of the now. As much as consumers would like to buy into the idea, they need something tangible and current to cling to. Physical stores may become obsolete as the world dives deeper into the metaverse, web3, and beyond. However, for now, a  scaled brick and mortar model serves as a positive attribute that can reel consumers in and give a better understanding of the brand before they buy.