Xbox One X is officially in stores and to celebrate, Microsoft is showing off its mid-generation console with the help of its brand partners. Gamers love their tech, but they also tend to be competitive—so it’s no surprise that marketing tapped into this enthusiasm for winning.

Despite a $499 price tag—over $200 more than Xbox One S—gamers pre-ordered Xbox One X at record-breaking speeds. For everyone else, there were plenty of chances to win the console through marketing partnerships.

In September, Taco Bell teamed up with Microsoft for a pop-up arcade in Seattle to coincide with PAX West. The activation offered a chance to win an Xbox One X console, Steak Quesarito $5 Boxes and signature cocktails. The promotion extended to all Taco Bell customers, who received a chance to win with each Taco Bell $5 Box purchase.

Food and gaming have a longstanding fruitful relationship that Mountain Dew and Doritos are known to capitalize on. Specially marked packages from both PepsiCo brands offer codes that can be redeemed for the “Every 60 Seconds” promotion.

The promotion features an online auction program that gives gamers the opportunity to win one of thousands of Xbox One X consoles. Between Nov. 6 and Dec. 15, points can be used in daily online auctions to win the new console, games and other Xbox prizes.

Fans can physically compete for an Xbox One X as well with a Mountain Dew and Doritos Drop Zone activation. Live competitions are taking place in select cities. An app uses GPS to locate a virtual Xbox One X in the area. Participants can capture and defend their console with the help of power-ups that are dropped every 60 seconds or can be purchased with codes from specially marked Mountain Dew and Doritos products.

Speaking of athletic-wear with which to snag a new console, Microsoft teamed up with Under Armour to create the Xbox One X and Curry 4 “More Power” VIP kit. Reserved for select influencers and members of the press, the VIP kit includes an Xbox One X console, two Xbox One Elite controllers, Under Armour Curry 4 shoes, gaming headphones, games and more.

With all those games playing in 4K, gamers will need a 4K TV, which created a timely partnership opportunity for Samsung.

“The gaming industry is extremely attractive to Samsung because these are passionate consumers that desire the best technology available to drive the ultimate gaming experience,” Eddie Combs, vice president of home entertainment marketing at Samsung Electronics America, previously told AlistDaily.

The partnership between Samsung and Xbox will include various marketing and retail activations throughout the country, including a national TV spot.

“I feel like this is every bit as energetic a console launch considering that it’s not a next-gen console launch,” Albert Penello, senior director of Xbox console marketing at Microsoft told “From my perspective, I think we’ve shown we can have almost the same level of energy around a mid-generation upgrade as you can for a new console launch. I think you’re going to see a pretty significant push from us actually for both products this holiday.”