During the 188th episode of “Marketing Today,” I interview Jennifer Chase, senior vice president of global marketing and shared services for SAS. Chase has been with SAS for over 20 years and talks about the “secret sauce” that keeps her and other employees engaged. This episode was a part of a series of interviews conducted at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC.

Chase shares with us how data is helping SAS with their customer experience. She shares her experience on topics of trust, security and transparency. SAS is helping its customers see that “to do customer experience in a way that is meaningful, you have to start with customer obsession, and you have to learn all about your customer.”

Chase shares the importance of trust, noting “if you can’t create a high level of trust with your customers, you are not going to create a high level of customer experience.” She talks about the importance of instigating change before your customers are the ones to disrupt your company.

Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today”:

  • Why Jennifer has been with SAS for more than 20 years. 01:05 
  • How SAS is helping companies with customer experience. 03:15
  • Keys for companies to make sure they are using their data appropriately. 04:59
  • How to use trust as a competitive advantage.  06:47
  • Examples of successful SAS customer experiences. 08:30
  • Five things marketers can do to “future-proof” themselves and their business. 12:21 
  • AR and VR: The future of customer experience. 15:18

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