Nearly two-thirds of mobile gamers are more likely to engage with an in-app rewarded ad than a sponsored social media post for retail advertisers, according to Tapjoy’s 2020 “Modern Mobile Gamer: Direct-to-Consumer Retail Report.”

The data suggests that mobile gamers are a high-return growth opportunity for DTC brands and subscription services are still in high demand. 

The report details the behavioral trends of four major segments including Gen Z, millennials, parents and high-income consumers. Across all segments, 70 percent said they’re interested in trying a new subscription product or service. Tapjoy also found that about two-thirds prefer shopping directly from a brand than through a third party retailer, with clothing listed as the most popular product category for online retail shopping. 

All groups identified convenience as the main deciding factor in choosing to buy a product or service. Gen Z and high-income consumers said personalization is a secondary factor whereas millennials and parents chose affordability as a secondary factor. 

Tapjoy’s research found that Gen Z is most likely to engage with ads that feature a trial or new release promotions, image or video gallery of products and personalized quizzes and customization. Gen Z also said brand loyalty isn’t a big factor because they shop with multiple brands in a given year. They do, however, regularly shop for clothing or lifestyle products on mobile devices and they like subscription delivery services because of personalized product selections.

Price-conscious millennials engage the most with customer testimonials, reviews, promotions and image or video product galleries. A majority of them (88 percent) also shop for clothing or lifestyle products via mobile devices. Nearly half (48 percent) of millennials surveyed report keeping their delivery subscriptions active for four months or more and 83 percent already use one to four different subscription services for clothing or lifestyle products.

Parents are price-conscious too but open to trying new subscription services and brands. For ease of purchase, 79 percent prefer shopping online using a digital device. Their subscription habits are similar to millennials’ in that they’re open to trying new subscription services and keep those services running for more than four months. 

Where high-income consumer behavior differs from all segments is that one of the most commonly cited reasons for why they shop digitally is that they have more control over personal touches like color and design. Additionally, they value quality of merchandise as 63 percent said that that factor influences their decision to purchase new clothing or lifestyle products.

A little over half (56 percent) of both parents and high-income consumers spend between $50 to $200 on clothing and lifestyle products each month.

Tapjoy surveyed 11,290 mobile US consumers aged 18 and over between October and November 2019 via a variety of popular games in Tapjoy’s mobile ad network.