This week in Extended Reality (XR) we saw AR integration coming to Chrome and a company that looks to enhance current stationary bicycle experiences through the power of virtual reality technology. 

Chrome Getting AR Support

What’s Happening: Google’s Chrome 81 will get support for web-based AR. This means anyone using Chrome as their browser will be able to experience augmented reality moments right through their browser rather than needing a specific AR application or Google’s AR options built into the camera. 

Why it Matters: When browsing the web, users have the entire world at their fingertips. With this new integration, marketers have access to a whole new world of AR. We can create content that can be explored without the need to download additional apps, breaking down a huge barrier in converting users who are hesitant to test out the medium. With AR integration built in to Chrome, the door to new and exciting digital marketing experiences has flung wide open.

Virtual Reality Takes Exercise To The Next Level

What’s Happening: VirZOOM looks to enhance exercise experiences by taking the stationary bike anywhere in the world. With a handlebar attachment and virtual reality headset, you can teleport your exercise experience from the gym to locations like Iceland and beyond. 

Why it Matters: We should always be looking at how things are done and how we can use emerging technology to expand on and enhance the traditional methods. In this case, VirZOOM saw VR as a way to enhance stationary bikes into something that’s emotional and creates a story. How can you look to future technology to enhance your product or marketing approach?