This week we take a look at how XR technology is shaping the future. Current events cannot be ignored, but how can we look to technology to help support us in these days of uncertainty?

Read on to explore how XR can help solve current problems (looking at you COVID-19) and solve current business and cultural strains through technological solutions.

VR And AR Can Solve Current Event And Conference Participation

What’s happening: From the Game Developers Conference to Tokyo’s Cherry Blossom Festival, we’re seeing events get canceled due to coronavirus concerns, and rightfully so. XR could be the solution to these unfortunate circumstances. 

Why it matters: Imagine a world where conferences and events have a virtual component allowing anyone under any circumstance to participate and join events from anywhere in the world. 

While the challenges and barriers to this solution are present, the opportunity to look to AR and VR technology to solve problems such as this and make the world more connected already exists today.

The Future Is XR

What’s happening: We’ve covered many XR applications in our short time on AList with a specific focus on AR/VR solutions. However, this article is a great reminder of what can be done in the XR space. This article explores the opportunities and many ways that companies can begin looking at the future of technology.

Why it matters: From entertainment and gaming to medical applications and inmate rehabilitation, VR is reshaping the world we live in and opening new doors providing ways for the public and businesses to experiment and explore the world, giving pause to consider how you can leverage these new avenues to tailor content for your customers in a new and engaging way.