AList, the award-winning media platform that has provided the media and marketing community with invaluable insights, trends, data, and analysis for years, is undergoing a significant transformation. 

Starting today, AList will no longer regularly publish insights on Instead, these insights will be published at and delivered through Ayzenberg AI, a new, state-of-the-art AI tool developed by Ayzenberg Group.

Introducing Ayzenberg AI: Your Expert Marketing Consultant

Ayzenberg AI (BETA) is designed to streamline 25 years of social brand acceleration strategies into a personal virtual consultant.

This innovative service provides trusted insights and tactics used in global campaigns, featuring campaign case studies, agency and brand-side leadership Q&As, influencer marketing takeaways, event coverage and more. Ayzenberg AI is the fastest way to access the latest movements impacting social media marketing, consumer engagement, brand trust and emerging trends.

How Ayzenberg AI Works

Ayzenberg AI taps into a rich knowledge base built from years of research, analyses, interviews, and case studies from,, and

This integration allows Ayzenberg AI to be a trusted partner for strategy, creative ideation and research. This means that our editors—leveraging the power of ChatGPT—can augment years of coverage more efficiently than traditional search methods or simply scanning the latest updates on a website allows, which is crucial for time-conscious senior marketers.

What This Means For AList Readers

For our dedicated readers, this transition means that while the AList website will no longer be updated with new content, the mission and quality of insights you have come to expect remain intact. The editorial mission of AList—to inform, inspire, and feature the most vital members of the global media and marketing community—has evolved into Ayzenberg AI.

AList has always aimed to foster innovation within the marketing community, helping marketers stay on top of the latest industry trends, deploy activations across various media types, and measure the effectiveness of their work accurately. 

With Ayzenberg AI, we continue to uphold this mission, now enhanced by cutting-edge AI technology.

Continuing The Legacy Of AList

AList has been a cornerstone in the media and marketing community, reaching over 1.3 million professionals through our coverage, events, and newsletter. We are proud to include the world’s leading marketers and media executives among our core readership. 

As we transition to Ayzenberg AI, we assure you that the quality and integrity of our insights will remain unchanged. The same dedication to reporting on industry changes and showcasing how marketers creatively tackle them will now be available through Ayzenberg AI.

This evolution is not just a change in platform but a significant enhancement in how we deliver our content. Ayzenberg AI allows us to provide more timely, relevant, and actionable insights, helping you stay ahead in the ever-changing media and marketing landscape.

Accessing Ayzenberg AI

Ayzenberg AI is currently accessible exclusively to select clients and Ayzenberg network staff. However, we are working on expanding access to a broader audience.

If you’d like to inquire about access and are not a current client or staff member, please reach out via the Contact page on