With mobile continuing to show huge increases in revenues and attention, it should be no surprise that it’s become the hot spot for digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing Magazine reports that global brand and retail spend on digital marketing activities will reach an estimated $200 billion, which is an increase of 15 percent over last year’s numbers, according to numbers provided by Juniper Research.

Called Digital Retail Marketing: Loyalty, Promotions, Coupons & Advertising 2015-2019, the report shows nearly 70 percent increase on digital marketing spend this year, which will focus primarily on mobile and tablet peripherals. As a result, brand strategies should concentrate more on campaigns within an omni-channel digital environment.

The ability for smartphones and tablets to enable timely, targeted, personalized campaigns that enhance customer engagement are a huge focus of the report, as well as analyzing the relative success of certain campaigns in said market.

One part of the report focused on the use of mobile coupons, with redemption rates showing a much higher rate than before, and costs per redemption showing a much lower rate with traditional mechanisms, including direct mail and newspaper coupons.

Juniper’s study also shows the potential for predictive analytics to be used, based on the wealth of online data generated through consumer activities on both websites and social media. These analytics are used more often than expected, as retailers focus more on making advertising campaigns and promotions that cater more to websites when consumers visit them.

There are warning flags, though. Brands need to stick with marketing strategies that cater to an audience on a single-screen basis, as the use of multiple screens simultaneously for digital activities may not be related. Maximizing the potential of digital media through the entire retail lifecycle is also stressed, as a way to drive product awareness with their business, including physical stores.

Said research author Dr. Windsor Holden, “The beauty of mobile and online marketing channels is that they can play an active role throughout the retail lifecycle, from product discovery to product purchase, enhancing customer value through personalized promotions.”

The report can be found here.

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