Apple Inc., recently in the news for its hiring of social guru Musa Tariq and job posting for a Los Angeles-based head of social media, is making rounds again with the launch of an official Tumblr blog for iTunes.

The blog, a colorful showcase of content relevant to Apple’s flagship music-listening and purchasing program, represents another marked departure for a tech company that had famously eschewed social media during the reign of long-time CEO Steve Jobs. Tumblr users are treated to an ultra-customized interface befitting Apple’s trademark style, and can reblog the various GIFs, images, and videos shared on the page to their own accounts.

Though analysts aren’t sure just how far Apple’s brand-new embrace of social will go, it’s obvious that they’re taking a different tack to popular services like Facebook and Tumblr after years spent either avoiding them or staying silent on their official accounts. An official iTunes Instagram account, Tim Cook’s new-found love of Twitter, and Apple’s usage of Tumblr to promote the iPhone 5c would seem to mean iPhone fans shouldn’t be surprised if their favorite manufacturer starts tweeting for itself any time soon.