The mobile market is certainly changing, and there’s no better place to see that right now than over on Fiksu, as the website has reported a number of startling statistics when it comes to the general mobile market, including usage, investment and other numbers.

Here are just some of the stats that the site is reporting based on this year’s statistics:

86 Percent of Time Spent On Mobile Is Spent On Apps

“Think about the prevalence of smartphones – one look around the subway during rush hour should confirm it – and then think that the vast majority of those people are in apps: playing games, watching a video, or checking their news feed,” said Social Times.

2 hours and 57 minutes per day are spent on mobile devices

“For a point of reference, daily app usage now surpasses the amount of time spent watching TV,” said Flurry. “That’s a lot of time, and, as we know, the majority of it is spent on in app. As phones continue to grow in popularity, as wearable tech becomes more commonplace and things like Apple Pay take off, this is only going to shoot up.”

$135 billion in revenue will be generated by mobile apps in 2018

“What does that mean Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity,” said eMarketer on the matter.

User acquisition costs increase by 33 percent

Fiksu indexes report that user acquisition costs are on the rise, by 33 percent year-over-year. These costs are likely to continue rising over the next few years as well.

32 percent of respondents would share native ads with family and friends, compared to 19 percent for display ads.

Viewers spend nearly the same amount of time reading editorial content as they do on native ads – 1.2 seconds compared to one second.

Share through {link no longer active} believes this is due to the effectiveness of nature ads. “Ever since Facebook became the gold standard for native ads, more and more publishers are embracing them,” it explained. “Typically, these ads have higher conversion rates, but low-to-average click through rats, as they tend to attract high-quality users.”

70 percent of consumers find all types of push notifications to be valuable, including order updates and location-based messages.

Says Mobile Mixed {link no longer active} on this stat, “Good news for iOS 8 users, actionable notifications (an improvement on push notifications allowing for interactivity) may prove to be an effective tool for encouraging users to engage with your app.”

There are some interesting numbers here, and chances are mobile trends will continue to rise even higher by this time next year.