We already knew that Latin America was a huge area when it came to a gaming audience, but Brazil in itself is producing some big numbers, according to a report from SuperData Research.

The country makes up roughly one-third of Latin America’s internet users, social media users, digital purchasers and smartphone carriers, and manages to take more than half of advertising dollars spent within the region. That’s including both traditional and digital ads.

However, when it comes to digital gaming, that’s where Brazil has really taken the lead. The report shows that, as of July 2014, the revenues for Brazil in digital gaming alone have managed to reach $1.5 billion — approximately 34 percent of the $4.4 billion produced in the entire region. Mexico is not very close in second place with $963 million, while Argentina is in third with $616 million.

Between concentrated business opportunities across those three areas combined, nearly three-quarters of the digital gaming market will be generated from these regions alone. What does that mean? A bigger audience, and, in turn, a larger revenue.

Meanwhile, in other areas, infrastructure availability plays a huge part, as Chile leads the charge with an estimated $295 million — not too shabby considering its population of 17 million, per the CIA World Factbook. Closely behind are gaming revenues in Colombia (with $224 million), Venezuela (with $195 million) and Peru ($125 million), each with a population of 11 million larger.

As you can see from the pie chart, Brazil is taking the bigger piece of the pie when it comes to the digital gaming front, but its growth overall is nearly unstoppable, and expected to rise even further over the next few years with a number of new offerings. Now the only real question is if the other countries can catch up… although, at this point in time, it doesn’t look too likely.

Source: eMarketer