Instagram has been picking up quite a bit of business lately with video ads, as such companies as The Walt Disney Co., the CW, Banana Republic and Lancome have presented their fair share of ads. However, Activision is taking a more aggressive approach with the site, introducing a series of videos that tie in with its forthcoming game release, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Through a campaign called “Power Unlocked,” enables fans to connect to the game for whatever platform they have it on. From there, they can earn points on their account through engagement events, including social sharing, which they can then trade back for extra multiplayer features, as well as new in-game weaponry and equipment. In addition, back stories on in-game characters can also be unlocked.

So how does Instagram tie in Through Mission Zero. With this, players interact within their social feed through a reality-based gaming experience that ties in with Advanced Warfare‘s themes. This allows them to spread the word much easier across social media, while Activision receives bigger and better hype for a game that’s sure to reach an enormous audience, providing it even more word of mouth.

Players who want to learn more about Power Unlocked can do so now, as the feature is live on the Advanced Warfare website. As part of the video promotion for the game, the publisher also released a nice live-action trailer directed by Peter Berg, taking place in entirely first-person as the player, alongside a soldier played by actor Taylor Kitsch, take on a variety of bad guys. The trailer is below.