SupercellSupercell is no stranger to “going for it” with its lucrative ad campaign. Along with animated ads featuring games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, the company took a $9 million gamble earlier this year with a Super Bowl ad featuring Taken actor Liam Neeson, swearing revenge on a random player who destroyed his village.

The move paid off, becoming one of the most popular ads during the big game and opening up interest in a whole new audience for the game – and business hasn’t slowed down since then, either.

Per Adweek, a recent report from highlighted the ten most-engaging TV ads for the week, as ranked by digital share of voice. And Clash of Clans‘ latest ad, “Ride of the Hog Riders: Call In the Cavalry” is at the top of the list, becoming a popular favorite during both the NHL and NBA playoffs.

According to the report, the NBA playoffs showed an SOV figure of over 68 percent, while the NHL showed almost 20. That seems like a stark difference between the two, but the bottom line is that the ad is quite popular on both fronts.

That said, not all the numbers are positive. Overall digital share of voice fell from over four percent the previous week to 1.78 percent this week, and online views dropped from over seven million to just over two million, indicating slight signs of fatigue. Social actions also dropped, going down from 22,000 to 12,000. Other ads for Supercell games, including Clans and Boom Beach, fell off the top ten entirely.

Meanwhile, going back to the top ten, Mazda’s “A Driver’s Life: Driving Matters” ad gained huge popularity, moving from seventh (last week) to second place, with a .99 percent increase in SOV online to 1.3 million, and 6,000 in general social actions.

Newer ads also debuted on the list, including KFC’s new campaign, featuring Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond impersonating company spokesperson Colonel Sanders, and a new Batman: Arkham Knight game spot, telling players that they could “Be the Batman”. Other companies, like Apple Watch and FIAT, rounded out the top ten.

While the slight fatigue in Clash of Clans‘ ads may be a bit alarming for some, Supercell is likely planning some new campaign to keep interest going. Who knows, it may just call upon Liam Neeson again. It worked the first time…