Codemasters decided to highlight the underappreciated role audio plays in action games in the TV spot for its upcoming shooter.  The spot for  Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising helps viewers immediately get where the ad’s messaging is headed.  The video starts with a black screen as the sound of bullets whizzing by can be heard.  Bullets give way to mortars and explosions, but the screen remains black save for a visual effect that reinforces the audio.  The ad doesn’t stop being footage-free until about midway through.

The hardcore set may draw conclusions, namely that Codemasters is avoiding going head-to-head on visual quality with prettier console shooters.  If that s the case, this approach is commendable in setting the game apart elsewhere.  Operation Flashpoint games have always been positioned as war simulation shooters, and here Codemasters highlights an often overlooked area that brings realism to the games.

Codemasters is airing the spots on TV and in cinemas in the UK.

Watch it at Brand Republic {link no longer effective}.