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Cost per install continues to be a big number for mobile game makers — and the fact that it’s continuing to balloon is something they’ll want to pay attention to.

A new report from GamesIndustry International pointed out new statistics provided by Fiksu, indicating that CPI continues to be on the rise for both iOS and Android devices. The CPI for an Android game rose to $1.59 last month, an increase of 13 percent, while iOS saw a boost up by 17 percent. That said, Fiksu believes that iOS continues to be the more cost-effective platform, with an average CPI of $1.04.

At one point, back in March, the CPI for an iOS game managed to rise above Android, but it looks like that was temporary, as it dropped 21 percent during the month of May, compared to Android’s smaller 13 percent drop.

“Despite the decrease in CPIs, if your overall focus extends beyond just downloads, it’s important to note that the cost to acquire a loyal user remains on the rise,” said Fiksu in its report. “Marketers continue to be willing to pay more for those right users that will pay off in the long run.”

As you can see in the chart above, the competition was pretty steady for a while until iOS’ spike back in March/April. But since then, it’s dropped back down, and Android has risen to a new high level, almost to $2.00, back in May. It’s since settled a bit, but continues to be higher than iOS.

So will Android’s dominance in CPI continue It’s hard to say. Fiksu measured this index through attributed advertising numbers, so the right game could easily sway back in IOS’ favor in terms of a higher value. For now, though, Android continues to be on top.