A lot more companies these days are trying to cater to younger audiences, in the hopes of appealing to both them and their parents. Joining the likes of Comcast and Verizon is Cox Communication, which announced (per Variety) that it is launching a new mobile online video service called Flare Kids.

The service, which launched on the App Store for iPad {link no longer active} a few days ago, enables viewers to access free and ad-free access to clips and episodes from various TV favorites, including Cailou, Sesame Street, SpongeBob SquarePants and Doc McStuffins, among others.

The service offers a total of 10 networks across various publishers, including PBS Kids, the Disney Channel, Nick Jr. and National Geographic Kids. Instead of direct licensing agreements, however, it’s simply aggregating content already available on other services.

The purpose of the app, according to a Cox spokesperson, is to help parents “safely navigate the multitude of existing, free online content for children.” They added, “Additional content such as eBooks, games and music will be added to the app in the future and we will have more to share soon.”

Based on the screenshot above, the service offers a fairly easy interface for younger viewers and families alike, and also sets up time limits based on content restrictions for each profile entered into the system, so parents won’t have to worry about over-consumption.

With the exception of Texas, people in all states are able to experience Flare’s Kids channel. There’s no reason yet as to why Texas isn’t allowed to stream it yet.

A business model isn’t in place, as the app is free to download and features available in-app purchases, including the ability to buy personalized themes for $.99 a pop. Otherwise, programming is free to watch.

Even with the lack of licensing agreements, Flare Kids could certainly be worth a look to those looking to watch programming with their children. The video below gives a strong example of what potential viewers could expect.

{video link no longer active}