With most zombie apocalypse-related games, players usually control a surviving human doing anything to stay alive, whether it’s beheading a number of the living dead, or slaying them with a number of firearms. However, there are those few games that enable players to play on the other side of the coin, living the life of a zombie as they hunt down human prey. Valve’s Left 4 Dead series for PC and Xbox 360 immediately comes to mind, along with other cult favorites, like Stubbs the Zombie and PopCap’s multiplayer-oriented Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Now, Warner Bros. is getting into the act, as the publisher, alongside developer Techland, has introduced a new zombie mode for the forthcoming first-person adventure game Dying Light. In the trailer below (produced by Ayzenberg), players can get an idea of what to expect playing as a member of the living dead, quickly whisking its way across rooftops as it hunts down human targets, all for the sake of staying alive.