Nintendo has again decided to forgo the logistics and expense of a live stage show, opting instead for a pre-recorded slew of announcements. This method makes a lot of sense for Nintendo in many ways: for one, the majority of the audience at E3 isn’t actually at E3, but watching from home (or from the press room at E3) and for another, it’s a good deal less expensive. There’s also the added benefit of the control of editing, with no snafus like having to restart a trailer or on-stage nerves to deal with.

For Nintendo this year, a puppet show beginning translates much better in a pre-recorded stream than it would on stage, inarguably. It’s all part of Nintendo’s charm. It’s also a great lead-up to intro’ing Star Fox: Zero, slated for a holiday release this year.


Next up, Nintendo is bring new Amiibo figures with popular franchise Skylanders. Boy, do they look cute.

Next up, Nintendo shows us a trailer for The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes, which is a multi-player and co-op game. Check the gameplay trailer below.


Hyrule Warriors, announced at last year’s E3 for Wii U, is now coming to Nintendo DS, too. It will be interesting to see how this game translates to a smaller screen. It’s just one of a number of 3DS games Nintendo has chosen to focus on this year, including Metroid Prime Federation Force, Fire Emblem Fates, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam and Yo-Kai Watch.


Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U gets a fair amount of attention, too, with a trailer below.


Now for the other yarn game at E3 this year, Yoshi’s Wooly World, with a brand new trailer that’s adorable as ever.


Been itching for a new tennis game How about one with Mario Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will deliver the nostalgia.


Nintendo closes with a new gameplay trailer for Super Mario Maker, literally making all of your childhood dreams come true.