Hulu has gone to great lengths to get good weekly programming going on its service, including upcoming shows like RocketJump: The Show, Casual and the newest season of The Mindy Project. Now, it’s ramping up its advertising strength as well, ready to give programmatic advertising a shot.

AdWeek reports that the streaming network has partnered with both Oracle Data Management Platform and Facebook-owned video ad platform LiveRail to begin offering programmatic advertising options. This is a first for the network, giving options that include automating the buying, placement and optimization of ads through its site. It’s expected to launch sometime this fall, alongside many of its debuting series.

“The marketplace has shown that data is overwhelmingly the new currency,” said Peter Naylor, senior vice president of advertising for Hulu. “With this new offering, Hulu is at the forefront of defining ‘programmatic’ for the digital video ecosystem and will increase efficiency and ROI for marketers.”

Both partners will play a vital part in the program, with Oracle providing first and third party data to help increase reach, scale and efficiency, while Facebook’s LiveRail will allow Hulu to offer complete deals with advertisers through programmatic means. The streaming network will still keep a certain stature of control over its sales structure, however.

It’s a pretty timely decision, considering that Hulu is launching several new series over the next few months, as well as considering an ad-free subscription plan. The company hasn’t made any official comments on that front just yet.

In addition, the strength of programmatic advertising is stronger than ever, with more companies embracing the idea of obtaining better data through targeting consumers via audience exchanges, according to this MediaPost report.

So this new plan can be very effective, provided that it’s embraced the right way and doesn’t get to the point of obtrusion when it comes to watching hit shows. We’ll see how it fares over the next few months.