In a new effort, Instagram is pushing forward with big plans to generate revenue.

According to an online piece done by Recode, a Facebook spokesperson has released a statement revealing that Facebook Regional Director James Quarles has joined Instagram as the platform’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development.

Quarles will be responsible for overseeing Instagram’s revenue strategy, which include its advertising and sales efforts, and will manage both the marketing and sales teams. He will also be working and reporting directly to Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s cofounder. This move could create more structure to the company’s existing ad efforts, which had been previously split up among several Instagram employees.

Advertisements have been available on Instagram for a short while now; however, the company works carefully with brands to ensure ads don’t feel out of place on the platform.

Quarles will also work to develop new “monetization products,” according to a spokesperson, but it’s unclear what those might look like.

Prior to taking the job at Instagram, Quarles gained a great deal of experience working with brands and advertisers through his three-year employment with Facebook, managing some of the company’s largest brand accounts and partnerships. Quarles also spent more than six years as a marketing director with Dell before joining Facebook in 2011.

He is set to officially start working with Instagram later this fall.

Source: Recode