Now that the service is fully functioning with its mobile payment set-up, Line, a popular messaging application in Japan, has announced details regarding its forthcoming music-streaming service, according to VentureBeat.

With the launch of the service, the team has formed a new company called Line Music Corporation. It’s a partnership between the messaging app and Avex, a Japan-based record label, as well as Sony Music. This will allow access to both companies’ vast music offerings.

With the distribution service, Line will be able to expand its “global user base and experience developing and operating smartphone services.”

Line has come a long way over the past three years, launching in Japan and gaining over 170 million monthly active users across 230 countries with its messaging tools. It’s also expanded to include other services as well, including applications that involve camera usage and games alike. No doubt the addition of music service could help it increase even further.

Along with expanding its audience, the music service could also help the company in terms of monetization, as it’s already set up services in terms of selling digital content on its channels. So far, the service has paid off in other areas, with stickers already generating a huge profit by themselves, to the tune of $10 million a month.

As far as when the service will launch, Line hasn’t provided a release date as of yet, since the companies are still in “concrete discussions” in terms of distribution and profitability. However, Line has promised that it will happen sooner rather than later, and a solid date shouldn’t be too far off.

Even with the departure of certain artists from the music streaming front (like Taylor Swift leaving Spotify), there’s still plenty of money to be made within the industry, and chances are Line will have no problem finding a profit, although there’s still the question of if it will make as much as other services.