The #lovewins movement has gotten a tremendous social push since the Supreme Court passed same-sex marriage into law before this past weekend. And Marriott is doing its part with its ongoing #LoveTravels campaign.

The hotel chain recently release details about the ongoing social campaign partnering with What’s Trending, to encourage travelers to explore their personal passions.

In a special ceremony officiated by TV personality Ross Mathews, George Carrancho and Sean Franklin exchanged vows on a float during the Parade, Marriott hosted a surprise wedding during the Capital Pride Parade in Washington D.C.

“Capital Pride welcomes thousands of visitors each year in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities and allies,” said Stacey Milne, VP Portfolio Marketing Strategy + Planning from Marriott International. “With our dedication to Pride and this year’s amazing parade, we can’t think of a better way to express how #LoveTravels than through the wedding vows of honored guests like George and Sean.  Many couples like George and Sean still cannot be married in states they call home; however, we can all celebrate their marriage here in our nation’s capital as the nation awaits the historic Supreme Court decision.  This unique occasion allows us to make their ceremony poignant and meaningful for all Americans and all our visitors.”

“As a public figure and member of the LGBT community, I could not be more proud to partner with Marriott and spread the meaning behind #LoveTravels,” said Ross Mathews.  “This is such a special time for equal rights and there is no better way to celebrate, than by officiating this beautiful couple, in one of the biggest Pride parades in the country.”

“The love that will be in the nation’s capital during Pride will be a testament to the historic change in the nation. Although we reside in New York, we continue to wait to be married in our home state of Texas,” said George and Sean. “We’re overwhelmed that we have been chosen by Marriott to celebrate our union with thousands more along the parade route, and we are thrilled to travel to D.C. for this monumental moment.”

Marriott has also spread the word with its #LoveTravels campaign through a number of social media ambassadors, including Alex Wassabi, Bria and Chrissy and Michael John Buckley, amongst many others.

The campaign has been running full steam since its launch last year, with a number of new ambassadors joining the campaign, and many stories that share the passion of travelers worldwide. #LoveTravels has made 4.2 million potential impressions on Instagram and 23.7 million potential impressions on Twitter, for a grand total of 27.9 million, according to the company. Furthermore, contributing influencers have managed to reach over 2.5 million people across Instagram and Twitter.

No doubt the movement will certainly pick up steam, especially with public push from the recent wedding.

Congrats to the happy couple!