The possibilities with live-streaming applications like Meerkat and Periscope are endless, as users can broadcast themselves doing a number of things almost instantaneously. However, some are using these programs for rather illegal means – like showing quick clips from popular movies, like this past weekend’s release of Furious 7.

Variety reports that a number of users have been using the service to show these movies online, although that hardly reduces the popularity of those movies, as Furious 7 easily cleaned up with a $140 million-plus opening weekend. As a result, movie studios aren’t concerned – at least, not yet.

“We haven’t encountered any issues with (Periscope or Meerkat) yet,” said Patrick Corcoran, National Association of Theater Owners’ vice president and chief communications officer. He also noted that a number of theaters have been cracking down on people in the audience filming movies for piracy means. “The same would be true of devices that live-stream.”

The company already fought back against similar technology, as Google Glass has already been prohibited from certain theaters, as an effort to fight back against piracy.

One Hollywood executive chimed in on the use of said devices, believing the matter isn’t so bothersome with its shorter broadcast time. “Meerkating a full movie in a theater is no particularly practical,” he said. “The experience of watching a live-streamed version on a phone is not going to stand up.”

It should be noted that both Periscope and Meerkat have policies in place that prohibits users from streaming copyrighted material on their networks, and any streams related as such will be removed from their sites.

When it comes to promotion, Meerkat and Periscope can be quite effective, as IMAX used Periscope to live-stream activities from Furious 7‘s Red Carpet event last week. However, when it comes to the products themselves, it’s best for audiences to experience them on the big screen. After all, it’s hard to eat popcorn while trying to view a movie on a cell phone, right