Even though it’s still a ways off from retail, the Oculus Rift has certainly come a long way from its early development days. Its current development kit is making the rounds, and, as you may recall, Facebook invested a whopping $2 billion in the technology.

Now, however, it appears that the tech will finally apply to an area outside of games, as virtual reality studio Condition One has announced that its forthcoming 3D 360-degree documentary film Zero Point will be making its premiere for the platform later this month.

The film will immerse audiences into the world of virtual reality, creating a completely unparalleled engaging experience, according to a description from the press release.

Danfung Dennis, the director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary feature Hell and Back Again, is helming the project, the first 360-degree film of its kind to be created for the Oculus. It takes a closer look at the creation of the virtual reality medium, documenting the researchers and developers who pioneered it.

In addition, the project features a mixture of video and audio components, including clips of a beach setting, one of the halls from the previously held Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June, and military training that takes place at Camp Pendleton. Viewers can immerse themselves in these experiences, getting a full look around and feeling like they’re actually “there,” so to speak.

The film was made using a custom VR-enabled camera, which works in conjunction with the technology, rather than simply allowing viewers to look ahead at a static screen. This could very well change the way they look at movies forever – and even prompt a few developers to try out projects of their own.

Zero Point will be available through the Oculus Rift development kits starting October 28 for the introductory price of $11.99. After November 4, it’ll go back up to its default price of $14.99.

Parties interested in the project can learn more through Condition One’s web page.