Cie Games is revving up fans with a launch trailer for Racing Rivals, its free-to-play drag racing game shipping for iOS on August 29. Supporting the game launch with Cie, which has roots as a marketing firm working on car brands, is flagship sponsor Nitto Tires.  The game also features an extensive list of licensed cars and auto parts brands.

A first glimpse of Racing Rivals draws an immediate comparison to NaturalMotion’s bestselling mobile racer CSR Racing, but Cie’s game runs deeper.  It features live lobbies and real-time head-to-head racing, where other games have had asynchronous racing that pits players against an opponent’s clocked time. Fueling the drive to play, and eventually pay for upgrades and parts, is an in-game betting system where players can go “all-in” with their cash or put up their pink slip.

Look for our exclusive story on how Cie Games leveraged success with branded games to become a racing game maker with a dedicated fan following.