eMarketer has released a report that projects 19.0 percent of US retail e-commerce sales will stem from mobile devices this year and will rise to 25 percent by 2016.

While apps are where mobile users spend most of their time, it’s mobile websites where consumers spend the most money. A sizeable share of US mobile users buy frequently from mobile sites: 32 percent of US mobile phone owners surveyed in November 2013 by PricewaterhouseCoopers said they purchased merchandise on a weekly basis from a website they accessed through their phone.

Photo Courtesy of eMarketer

The question concerning many retailers is whether apps in general are a threat to mobile website sales. The consensus among those interviewed for this report is they’re not. In fact, apps often drive incremental sales. It’s clear that, with more retailers having mobile websites than apps and many apps lacking commerce functionality, apps are more of a driver of mobile websites sales than a threat.

Source: eMarketer