Smartphones and smart watches can do quite a bit in terms of features and accessibility – but now, thanks to a new project from Rolocule, they’re about to do something a little bit more.

TechCrunch has reported that Rolocule, based out of India, has launched a new game called Motion Tennis Cast. With it, players can utilize a game that works with the Chromecast and Android-based devices, syncing together to create a motion-based sports experience. Kind of like Nintendo’s Wii Sports did years ago, but with a more modern twist.

Right now, the program is limited to use with Android-based smartphones, but the company is hard at work on a new prototype that will utilize Android Wear smartwatches for similar controls. Imagine being able to swing your arm while holding a virtual tennis racket, using your device in its place.

Rolocule is no stranger to motion-based gaming experiences, as it’s been working on this tech for several years now, including the original Motion Tennis for iPhone and Apple TV, which launched back in 2013. However, with Android tech, the company has managed to make the experience more refined than ever, so it actually feels like people are playing sports activities – without the need of a Wii, obviously.

This could open up a potential new market for mobile gaming, being able to use your device for motion-based activities and interaction. Considering Apple’s recent push for its Apple TV device, it could easily reach out to developers to make it interactive with both iPhones and the Apple Watch to introduce a new level of gameplay. The same goes for Android, which will no doubt benefit from Rolocule’s tech.

It is just a casual start, though, and Motion Tennis Cast does present a unique introduction to the format. It’s free to download now, and also works with smart TVs (via Mieracast or AllShareCast) and Chrome browsers, in addition to Chromecast.

Check out the video below to get a better idea of how it works.