Microsoft has a lot of products to choose from, and consumers have no problem picking their favorites, whether it’s a Surface tablet or the company’s popular Xbox One console. However, for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, his choice of a favorite is pretty simple – it’s an app called Delve.

Delve is just one of the many new apps being introduced by the company, in the hopes of introducing new “productivity software,” according to Business Insider. With these, Microsoft software can now run on any operating system and device, instead of “just” Windows.

As far as Nadella’s favoritism for Delve, he explained, “Delve is one of my favorite tools I use every day,” Nadella said. “Delve helps people discover information in new ways by surfacing the full depth of the knowledge inside your organization that’s in SharePoint or [Microsoft email product] Exchange.”

So what exactly does Delve do It enables people to search for emails, meetings, contacts, social networks and corporate documents within Office 365, using “machine learning” to narrow down what information you need to see. It only works with Office documents, but considering that millions of consumer still use it, you can get an idea of just how effective it really is.

The application was originally introduced under the name of Oslo before being finalized as Delve, and finally released earlier this year, after spending years in production.

As you can see from the photo above, Delve has a way of dividing up these documents into easy-to-read form, complete with images so you get a better idea of exactly what information you’re looking at. There are also relevant social tie-ins, in case other people are discussing similar topics at hand (even though the Office documents in your device remain private for you to view).

Delve is available now to those who have a free subscription to Office 365.