Yoga can be a great exercise to get into, even though not everyone “gets it” or has the effort to keep up with it. However, a new mobile release could inspire more players to get into it, as part of a way to get into the action.

Yoga Retreat is available now for iOS devices {link no longer active}, and serves as the “world’s first yoga-themed mobile-simulation game.” Developed by Finnish team Gajatri Studios, the game combines animated instructional yoga videos with a management simulation system that lets players design their own special yoga retreat on a tropical island, complete with smoothie station. (Lightweight smoothies, obviously.)

With this station, players will be able to manage their resort down to the last detail, while assisting would-be customers and expanding their resort to even greater heights.

So far, the game has done quite well getting people into the spirit of yoga in other markets, with 20 percent of players reportedly taking part in the activities that are featured within the game.

“Our goal is to be the healthy choice for mobile gamers worldwide,” said Tiina Zilliacus, founder and chief executive officer for Gajatri Studios. “This product will evolve both as a fun simulation game and as a casual health experience.”

Zilliacus is no stranger to yoga, as she’s certified in the exercise and helped put together the game to attract a female audience, even though males can play it too. Female audiences are big in mobile games right now, especially with Kim Kardashian Hollywood raking in over $200,000 on a daily basis.

“Once I started to look around (at) what mobile apps and games are available, I found the female games audience to be poorly understood and under catered with topics women are really interested in,” said Zilliacus.

The game is available now, and free-to-play, with in-game microtransactions for additional items. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of how it works. Stretch!