YouTube has become a great source for advertising, outside of the usual television and radio circles. It allows advertisers to be a little more creative with their presentations, rather than just being limited to a certain window and/or audience.

AdAge has put together a list of the top YouTube ads for the year, indicating some interesting numbers behind them. Half of the most popular web-made commercials for the year weren’t even made with television as an outlet, while three of the ads managed to gain popularity based on popular events, such as the Super Bowl or the World Cup.

Advertisers are seeing a better opportunity with online, being able to be a little bit riskier – and in some ways, even more creative – than with a television commercial.

The ads are about three minutes in length, which is a 47 percent increase from ads in the previous year. Meanwhile, 54 percent more time is spent watching these ads compared to last year’s numbers as well, with higher viewership leading the charge.

All of these ads managed to combine for a whopping 425 million views, which is a 112 percent increase from 2012’s top ten.

A number of factors went into gauging the list, including likes, share and total watch time, as well as paid and non-paid views.

So, without further ado, the top ten…

Nike – Winner Stays

{link no longer active}



Another popular soccer ad features Ronaldo and company playing soccer in a digitally animated short, featuring plenty of antics to go around. This one has over 73 million views and risning.

Budweiser – Puppy Love

{link no longer active}

Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad turned a lot of heads earlier this year, based around a puppy and a horse that showed a true friendship. The video has gathered 53 million views over the year, impressive numbers for a one minute ad.

Always – Like a Girl


Featuring a campaign that bolsters self-confidence, Always’ “Like a Girl” mini-ad has a whopping 53 million viewers, and spreads a positive message about women and young girls alike.

Devil’s Due – Baby Attack


One of the more bizarre marketing videos out there, Devil’s Due’s “Baby Attack” pranks people with a rather ugly – and demonic – child. The campaign has paid off, with an impressive count of nearly 49 million views.

Duracell – Trust Your Power


The inspirational “Trust Your Power” commercial from Duracell tells the story of overcoming diversity, while featuring Seattle Seahawk player Derrick Coleman in a central role. The video has 22 million views since its release earlier this year.

Galaxy Note 4 – Then and Now

{link no longer active}

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 ad looked at the history of the device, compared to its larger size from previous years – and its more condensed version. This video has garnered over 22 million views as well.

Procter & Gamble: Pick Them Back Up

{link no longer active}

Paying tributes to mothers who take care of children as they grow up, this ad from Procter & Gamble knows how to tear at the heartstrings. No wonder it’s gathered over 19 million views.

Budweiser – Friends Are Waiting

{link no longer active}

The importance of avoiding drunk driving continues to be a topic featured in certain commercials, including the latest from Budweiser. This short but sweet ad has achieved nearly 20 million views since it debuted back in September.

Heineken – The Payphone

{link no longer active}

The Payphone, Heineken’s latest commercial, features Portlandia‘s Fred Armisen making random phone calls to strangers, inviting them to a special comedy event. The commercial definitely opened a few eyes, with nearly 14 million views.